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Chloe Bird, 7/17/14
As hard as it can be to make time for exercise, failing to do so isn’t a time-saver. Read
Chloe Bird, 7/9/14
People would get a long way towards staying on a better track if they thought of positive health behaviors as doing what works, rather than as being virtuous. Read
Chloe Bird, 7/2/14
So you’ve decided to get healthier and now as you think about it, that task may seem daunting or even impossible.  Read
Cynthia Pearson, 6/30/14
If women who take menopause hormone therapy (HT) don’t have many heart attacks, and women who don’t take menopause HT have more heart attacks, then it’s clear that HT prevents heart attacks.  Right... Read


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While experts have long known that lack of sleep can increase risk of heart disease, they're now theorizing that a...