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Poor kale.  I feel like it always gets a bad rap.  Remember a couple of years ago when Chick Fil-a tried to sue that guy that made the Eat More Kale t-shirts?  (Add this to the myriad of reasons why I don’t like Chick Fil-a, but we won’t get into that.)  And just the other day, I saw a commercial for Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt that was totally making kale seem like this disgusting health food that people only eat because it’s healthy.  Well, I’ve got news for you, Healthy Choice, kale is delicious.  And your Greek Frozen yogurt really isn’t.  I’ve tried it.

Seriously, I think kale is my favorite vegetable.  You just have to make sure to prepare it correctly to get rid of the bitter taste.  I think that’s what people don’t like about it, the bitterness of the leaf when it’s raw.  If there’s kale on a restaurant menu as a side dish, I almost always get it because a restaurant knows how to cook it.  Me, I’m learning.  I’ve had a bunch of kale chip fails, but I’m getting it now.  I’ve found massaged kale salad recipes that I’ve really enjoyed.  But tonight’s kale was absolutely the best.  And with a spicy peanut ginger sauce, how could it not be?

According to WebMD, who has an Atlanta office where one of my best friends worked for five years but that has nothing to do with anything, kale is one of the most nutritional vegetables out there.  It’s very high in Vitamins A, C and K.  That’s great and everything, but I really like the taste of it.

For dinner, I had Spicy Peanut Ginger Kale Salad.  This website has some good kale recipes.  It’s also the home of the best kale chip recipe that I’ve found so far.  On the side, I had millet (which is gluten-free) with some nutritional yeast and Earth Balance.

I know a huge plate of greens doesn’t look that appealing to some people, but trust me on this one.  This was delicious.

What’s your favorite vegetable?

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