Smart for the Heart

Does Your Heart Pass the Test? 

In three simple steps, you can learn your heart disease risk.  Becoming heart healthy has never been so fast and easy!

Learn more about your heart

Getting started is simple! Enter your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers to uncover your heart disease risk.  Don't have them handy? Our sliding bars will estimate your numbers with the touch of a button.

Find your path to a healthy lifestyle

We'll deliver engaging tips that conveniently fit with your busy lifestyle. All based on the latest scientific research, our personalized program identifies the health factors potentially affecting your heart.

Get expert advice, get rewards, get going!

Upgrade to our premium paid membership support program to receive proven heart health strategies, fun tools, coaching and exclusive rewards. Sign up for this exciting program beginning on April 7th!

Smart for the Heart is based upon the newest American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Guidelines from November 12, 2013.

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